Questionnaire - Filter system

1.Medium:  cutting fluid
cutting oil
  Others : 
  viscosity:   cSt.
  operating temperature max. °C
  operating temperature min. °C

2.Machining process:
4.Quantity of dirt per Liter: g/L
5.Stock removal rate: cm³ /min
6.Characteristics of the Chipping:
7.Existing pre-filtration of coarse impurities: yes no Type:
8.Dimensions: aviable space L x B x H = x x mm
  height of the inflow of emulsion from the machine        = mm
9.Reservoir: Which content is prescribed?
  optical level display no yes
  float switch no yes number of switch points
  double-walled tank no yes
cooling: no
  yes   cooling performance kW
  Circulation pump (with switches off at weekends) yes no
  Belt skimmer                        yes no
Other accessories:
12.Pumps: pump 1 l/min at bar
  pump 2 l/min at bar
  pump 3 l/min at bar
13.level of filter fineness: µm for l/min
  µm for l/min
14.Colouring: undercoat
  top coat
surface: semi gloss
  silky lustre
15.Electrics: without
  with electrical terminal box instead of an electrical control box
  complete control system
  voltage: Volt
16.Wich filter system is preferred?
17.Special information:
18.generally Informations:  
  Those with * characterized fields must be filled out.
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