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Our assortment based on the filter technics products developed by the company Sommermeyer Filtertechnik GmbH. We have enhanced many of these products and included them in our product line.

We can offer you the following assortment of filter technics:

Spare parts, expendable items and services for all Sommermeyer products in use

Chip conveyors with pitches of 38 and 50 mm as scraper conveyors, hinged belt conveyors and Integral conveyor

Screw conveyors

Magnetic separators for mixed chips

Project planning and realisation of systems for chips disposal to container filling

Controllable fills for container filling

Magnetic separators and magnetic filter systems with magnetic separator with a capacity of 60- 600 l/min

Band filters and band filter systems with a capacity of 40 - 250 l/min

Inclined bed filters and filter systems with a capacity of 150-800 l/min

Transport devices for short and broken chipping or of other parts by means of vibration

Filter elements for the hydraulic filter of the series „TGL filter“

Magnetic rollers, magnetic filter screws and magnetic filter plates

The proven Sommermeyer MICRO-S filter in different new sizes

Special solutions for special filtration problems

Expendable items, e.g. filter fleece

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